Buzz The Bee

Buzz: The Bug in Your Ear

He looks innocent enough doesn’t he, Buzz the bee? Cute little wings, a gentle smile, and who wouldn’t trust those eyes? But our little friend Buzz is far from safe.

He’s the buzzing bug flying in our ear, stuck there by friends, teachers, and worst of all, family. On his wings, he carries their negativity, the breath of disdain, and the words “you can’t do it”. Worse than that, he gives you real reasons why you shouldn’t do it, reasons why you’ll fall flat and fail. This little guy is what this blog is all about.

Every day, Buzz ventures out from your ear and flies around searching for some nectar to collect (in this case, the venom fresh off people’s tongues) and bring back to his lonely hive of one. There’s plenty out there and, unfortunately for us dreamers, he never comes back empty handed.

That’s bad for us. We get stuck with the honey gooping up our positivity.

But why do we let it? Why do we sit hunched over, tears threatening to fall, looking down at our work and dreams like they are nothing? All Buzz is doing is flying around in our ears and telling us we can’t, we won’t, we shouldn’t and here’s why. What’s so bad about that?


Not one thing.


Well, at least in theory, right? A bit of adversity makes us push harder, work more, and yearn to prove those people wrong. Take this rose from my garden for instance. It is clearly had some struggles growing up. Branches of the dead rose bush before it, sticks falling from a tree, all sorts of other mulch and cover are smothering it and let’s not even mention the competition for water.

This rose faced all the odds, but there was enough of a gap for it to fall into wet soil. Rain reached it and so did the sun. It had adversity that made it hard but put it in an ideal place for growth.

We’re the rose, here.

There is one different (a very tiny difference in some situations). We have a brain and arguably feelings (tell this to the kid in me personifying everything). When Buzz comes in and starts his buzzing, we listen and sometimes we use the adversity for awhile.

Inevitably, there comes a time when we can’t stop listening. We don’t say “Okay Buzz, midnight. You go to bed.” We just keep listening.

Allowing these negative thoughts to buzz around our ears and tunnel into our brains doesn’t help us any. It creates doubt, self-hatred, and an endless loop of despair.

It’s bad! And bad for Buzz too. He doesn’t know when to stop. Often times, he’s just the messenger relaying the thoughts of others. Ready for this?

Buzz Bee Tip no.1: You don’t have to listen to Buzz ALL the time.

Buzz can be a good friend, a great motivator, and even come to be something that gives us laughter. However, if Buzz never goes to bed, our dreams and passions will. It’s up to us to learn how to put our Buzz to bed so that we can get our work done.

Alas, that’s a story for another time.



Nathalie Daux


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