Buzz The Bee, Put Buzz To Bed

Buzz Goes to Bed

Here’s the thing, we’d like to think that we can put Buzz the Bee to rest with just our thoughts. Sheer willpower will do it! *Huff* We are thinking, intellectual beings and we can think our way out of this.

No, not always.

There are, however, two little things that help put Buzz the Bee to bed easier without going through brain Bootcamp.

1. Lotion during the day.

The lotion doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to guarantee eternally young skin, endless bounds of energy, or perfect health. Those can all be solved by coffee if you ask me. It does have to do one thing and one thing only. It has to make you feel good. Find a smell that makes you happy, calms your jitters, or brings you back to a happy childhood memory. What counts, is that you have a smell nearby. When the emails roll in, school projects pile up, and the bug in your ear is frantically buzzing, you have a scent that can ground you paired with a soothing action.

What counts, is that you have a smell nearby. When the emails roll in, school projects pile up, and the bug in your ear is frantically buzzing, you have a scent that can ground you paired with a soothing action.

20170407_105641 Here’s the deal, aromatherapy is fantastic. Out in the big fancy world, people have discovered that certain scents create certain reactions. Good scents to go to are eucalyptus, lavender, and (for me) vanilla relieve stress almost instantly. Google is at your fingertips, find your relief!

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a daytime lotion, I suggest the little guy sitting to the left of these words. Rub a little on, take a deep breath, and feel a little better. I also happen to recommend the “Flip Dictionary” behind it.

2. Lotion for nighttime (and bedtime).

This one is arguably more important than the latter, at least for an insomniac like me. For a very long time, I fought the night and its sweet embrace. Not willingly, of course, but sleep rarely found me. Being too sleep deprived to really find any solutions, it was a Christmas gift that gave me the idea.

Another aromatherapy (and by the same company as the first) lotion found its way into my collection. Mixing the smells of lavender and chamomile, the lotion worked its magic. I fell asleep, stayed asleep, and actually woke up moderately refreshed.

So, I swore by it. Bought the t-shirt, tied it on a stick, and ran around my neighborhood screaming. Well no, not really. But you get the picture.

Sleep is the most important.

Buzz The Bee tip no. 2: If you aren’t sleeping, neither is he. Make sleep a priority.

If we can’t sleep and can’t rest, how can we be expected to think our way out of anything? We can’t.


If we are falling asleep at the wheel of life because we’re awake constantly, (from stress or other issues) there is no way our mind will have the strength to put the bug in our ear asleep. We are strong, but not Herculean in our strength.

3. Body Wash

I said two things, but I lied.

Ladies AND gentlemen, body wash does amazing things for you when you create a routine around it.

I use a “Sleep Lavender and Chamomile” body wash at night followed by my sleep lotion of the same scent. This one-two combo makes putting my head down on the pillow much easier. I’m relaxed enough, and tired enough, by the time I go to bed that my body isn’t willing to put up much of a fight. I highly suggest finding a scent that will weigh on your eyelids like this does to me.

Now, I know all this sounds like $$ adding up. But remember, you don’t have to get the sweat of the gods. A drop of an essential oil on a pillow case, wrist, yoga mat, or knick knack on your desk works fine. Hey, even put it on a big cuddly bear. Bonus smell to a warm, furry hug.

Just find a smile, a safe place of no stress. Thirty seconds will do it, so will one deep breath of your favorite scent.

If nothing else, it’ll stop Buzz’s erratic flying for at least a little bit. And sometimes, once he stops, it’s hard to get going again.


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