Buzz The Bee, The Crew

Mig the Mug

At long last! We meet a character aside from our beloved, often benevolent Buzz the Bee. Now we have another member of the crew, Mig the Mug (how about that alliteration?). 

Now Mig is a very special cup. He’s a happy little fella is a fox coffee mug complete with ears and tail. And adorable everything. But this is only a small part of why he is so special.

I collect coffee mugs. I collect them and use them to death. They don’t get to retire because things are supposed to be loved and used. So that’s what they do. Mig has been around since my early coffee cup collection days. One of the very first, actually. So he’s been with me for quite some time. Over the months, years he’s faithful sat next to me and my typewriter, I’ve learned some lessons from him. Three, if we’re counting. These are what make him special.

1. Mig makes work fun.

Work can be the best thing or the absolute worst thing. Some of what I do during the day includes writing short stories, novels, and poetry. As well as a post or two. This is on top of housekeeping my writing with organization, editing, and a plethora of other things. Writing is my passion, I love it with all my soul and sometimes hate it will all my soul (that’s a story for another time). Loving it and needing to do it every single day does NOT guarantee that I’m going to have a fun time doing it.

cry-1675277_960_720It’s hard. The words don’t always come easily. There are days they threaten not to come at all. But I push for it and work for it. The phrase, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” is a straight lie. You will work harder for your passion than you will for anything else. It’ll hurt more, it’ll be more stressful, you’ll be more discouraged, it will be more work (another story for another time). There are terrible days. Days where you will feel like the statue, screaming in frustration, despair, anger, or anything of the sort.

Luckily! There are solutions to help counter the inner turmoil found from following our passions. And they work to shush Buzz too.

On days where nothing is working right, my words are hiding in my head, and motivation eludes me, Mig is there.

The mug sits, holding the coffee (sometimes the cocoa) and waiting. It’s an adorable mug and just seeing it sitting there makes me smile. More than that, when I see Mig sitting by my typewriter, I’ll tell him not to worry. I won’t let the coffee get cold and I won’t let him go unused. But I won’t let myself drink the coffee or hold the cup until I’ve finished something substantial. Working for something other than myself, even if it is for an inanimate object, binds me to my work. It encourages me to keep going. It makes the work a little lighter, a little easier.

2. “Mig” was an accident.

Mig taught me, right off the bat that accidents can be very beneficial. Two accidents happened immediately. The first being walking into the store where Mig was patiently waiting. I had meant to go into a different store but took a wrong turn and decided to settle on going into this store.

I wasn’t even looking for coffee cups (that’s the best way to collect them).

Wandering around the aisles looking for I don’t even know what now, the bright orange of the mug caught my eye. He was the only one and in the wrong spot. I decided it was meant to be.

Mistake number two came at the hands of my phone’s QWERTY keyboard. The letter “i” is dangerously close to the letter “u” and, as most of us know, typos are inevitable. While texting a friend, I mistakenly typed “Look! Mig!” And thus, the name was born. Mig the mug came to be.

20170413_130520Now, every time I look at the tiny eyes and little whiskers, I smile to myself, remembering the mistakes that brought my favorite mug to me. I mean, he’s adorable. How could I not smile?

The reminder that mistakes have a purpose and can bring joy, is one I need to see frequently. Long ago, I learned that mistakes are good for growth and necessary because we learn from our mistakes but I never learned that mistakes can be good on their own. Some mistakes don’t need to be learned from. Some mistakes are beneficial for what they are. Mig reminds me of this, daily.

This is part of what Mig is for. The name stuck for a reason, a very important one. I wanted to have something in my daily life that could slap me in the face every day with the truth that mistakes can be great, they can be bad, and they can be learned from. Mig was a mistake in finding him and in his name. But that’s good. It gave me something I love.

3. Mig holds coffee, the closest thing to ambrosia.

The final reason for why Mig is so special to me is because he holds my coffee, the black elixir that keeps my gears from grinding to a halt.

If you’ve read anything else of mine, you know how much the small things matter to me. Lotion for stress, routines to solidify relaxation, and many other things I have yet to discuss. This is no different.

Mig brings my favorite drink to my lips, warmth to my hands, and energy to my body. This is important. We need things like this to slow us down. Too often we gulp our coffee on the go, burn our throats, and then scarf down some food later. I like looking at Mig. I’m not going to throw my coffee down my gullet to go wash a cup I like looking at. I’m going to slow down, use it as a reward system for my work, and enjoy the sensations.

A long story with many seemingly random points today, right? Eh, more or less.

Here’s the takeaway: Get a Mig. Don’t fear mistakes and don’t limit yourself to seeing them as a stepping stone of growth. Enjoy the small things. Relish in the sensations you feel right now. Those sensations will never, ever come again.

Live, honest to God, live life.

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