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Inner Happiness

Happiness is an amazing feeling. We know it. It lights up our pleasure centers and just feels good to be happy. Who doesn't want to be happy? Right? Well, more than you might think. Happiness is scary, amongst other things. Once we overcome the hard parts about finding joy, there's one more thing we might not… Continue reading Inner Happiness

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Clean The Mind

Our minds are too cluttered. Worries, buzzing bees, anger, despair, guilt, resentment, and every other negative emotion we have acquired over the years gather in the corners of our minds and slowly grow until they cloud our dreams, our ambitions, our love, our happiness, and our sanity. And we don't declutter them. We don't clean… Continue reading Clean The Mind

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The Moment Before You Give Up

There is a moment right before you give up. In the breath before you stop running, there is a small, very potent moment of time. Right before you put the pen down, there is a moment of maximum fatigue and frustration. In the second before you lose your balancing pose, there is a hidden choice, one second… Continue reading The Moment Before You Give Up

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The Work Hangover: Working Through Fatigue

"But I did so much yesterday. Why do I have to do it again today?" Undoubtedly, we have all been at this point. I am currently at this point. I painted a room last night, didn't sleep well, and it's not done, and I have work to do today, and I have to paint it again tomorrow.… Continue reading The Work Hangover: Working Through Fatigue

Mental Health Monday

A Place Of Quiet

Pause whatever you might be doing and listen. Turn off your music, take off your headphones, ignore the people mowing the lawn, and listen. Quiet. Quiet. Unless you're in a workspace with people clacking away at their keyboards, chattering at people through the phone, and grumbling by the water cooler, you can find this moment… Continue reading A Place Of Quiet

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Stop Working

Best headline you've ever read, right? "Stop Working?! Oh BOY! Just what I wanted to hear today." Might not be quite as great as you think. But hey, you decide that, not me. We're overworked. Plain and simple. This isn't news, this isn't a lone opinion, this is truth founded in experience and studies. The modern… Continue reading Stop Working