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The Moment Before You Give Up

There is a moment right before you give up. In the breath before you stop running, there is a small, very potent moment of time. Right before you put the pen down, there is a moment of maximum fatigue and frustration. In the second before you lose your balancing pose, there is a hidden choice, one second of character building.

But we give up.

If this is such a vital moment, you might be thinking, why then would we just give up?

Because we don’t know that it’s that important.

We have absolutely no clue.

It is that important, though. It develops our character and helps strengthen us, our determination, our drive, and our willpower. Other than that, it gets you to your goals faster.

The moment, right before you give up, is the moment of maximum discomfort before choice.

Maybe that doesn’t make too much, but hear me out. Before you decide to give up or push through it there is a wall that seems to grow taller and taller. At least, it looks like a wall. It’s just a paper banner that looks like a wall. Easy to break through it, right? Right. But it looks like a wall so we get ready to give up.

Let’s use exercise as an example. Your body starts trembling, the burn is creeping into your muscles, and you’re ready to stop because the “wall” has risen in front of you. You give up. You let yourself fall out of the pose, stop the exercise. You let your feet slow to a walk. And you aren’t sore the next day. Because…you didn’t push through the paper banner. You stopped.

Embrace the tremble. Breathe, and work harder.

When you feel that urge to stop, when everything seems impossible and hard, breathe and make the harder decision.

forking-road-839830_960_720 It’s like this, isn’t it? It’s a forked road. We need to choose one side or the other.

There are only two decisions, no third option on this one. You either give up or keep going. When you hit that fork, the heightened moment of discomfort, you make a decision to end that discomfort one way or the other. Either you end it by giving up and losing all discomfort or you end the discomfort by pushing harder. This sounds counterintuitive, but by pushing your body a little farther the burn starts to feel good. That mild burn and discomfort, when pushed, is part of what gives you that runner’s high. Your brain senses the struggle of your muscles and releases more endorphins to help you.

Besides that, you will feel proud of yourself for continuing on.

Don’t give up, giving up is a form of Buzz, our little friend. He tells us we can’t. He lets us know that it’s hard. He says it’s too much. Do not listen to this. Buzz just carries what we hear from others. Buzz is just the negative voice in our head. Put him to bed and push on. Push on.

It’s going to be a short post today because there is not much to say other than this:

Recognize that feeling, that moment. Embrace the tremble, the discomfort, the frustration and push beyond it. Do not give up just because of a little burn. Do not give up to ease discomfort. Do not give up because your brain doesn’t want to do work.

Keep going. Keep pushing. Break through those barriers. Push on.

Push on.

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