Motivation, Put Buzz To Bed

Clean The Mind

Our minds are too cluttered. Worries, buzzing bees, anger, despair, guilt, resentment, and every other negative emotion we have acquired over the years gather in the corners of our minds and slowly grow until they cloud our dreams, our ambitions, our love, our happiness, and our sanity. And we don’t declutter them. We don’t clean out the dark corners of our minds, not even when the darkness has sabotaged our full world view.This is bad. And I mean really bad

It helps the rot of the mind grow more powerful.

Depression worsens, anxiety worsens, many mental diseases are given more strength because of this mental clutter and filth. It doesn’t need new problems to feed it. It can feed itself off itself. Not only that, our motivation withers, our dreams are completely clouded, and we can end up stuck in a place in life we don’t want to be.

Our dreams and goals fall into the background of our mind. The flames of our passions begin to go out. We are suddenly a fast track to a sad, empty, horrible life with bad mentalities and attitudes.

Have I scared you yet? Because I’ve scared me.

Personally, I don’t want that. I don’t want to be a miserable old lady (or young lady) because I’ve allowed the filth of my life to pile up in my head. I don’t want to be miserable at all. But certainly not because of my mental clutter. So I guess I won’t be miserable!

It’s a lot easier said than done. Isn’t it? How do we just….not be miserable? How do we just not have clutter in the mind?

WELL, aren’t you lucky I’ve found some simple solutions!

Before I dive into the easier stuff (hahaha “easy”), let’s take a second to acknowledge the harder things.

  1. Look at your past. It isn’t there to make you feel guilty, remorseful, angry, or anything else. If anything, it’s there to help you make peace with yourself, to learn, and to practice new methods of living. So look at it, don’t run from it.
  2. Make peace with your past. Going off the last one, learn to make peace with what has happened (what you’ve done and what others have done). It’s okay to mess up. It’s even okay to mess up BAD. You can’t be perfect (and I can’t help you really make peace with it).
  3. Vow to change things. This is the fun part. Tell yourself you can and will change! Working for it…eh a little harder. But vowing to change helps you find some resolution immediately.

So here’s the thing, those are very basic. They don’t cover everything. They’re vague. They’re all encompassing for the very large stuff. It’s like a really cluttered room. The three massive coffee tables stacked on top of each other in a back countertop are a problem. BUT when you remove them, half of your clutter goes with it because they were so big.

Just something to remember: big problems clear big space.

That’s the big stuff, the stuff that’ll hurt a little going through. Big stuff just requires more heavy lifting is all. You can’t expect to pick up and move three coffee tables without getting a couple nicks, bruises, bumps, or without getting sore the next day. Same thing with the mental problems. It’ll be hard and it’ll hurt a little (or a lot).

It’ll be easier to do the little stuff once you get the big stuff cleared out of the way. There’s no real method to clearing mental clutter, but it might be easier to get the big stuff out of the way. It helps you maintain what you’ve worked for.

Good news! The other stuff is kind of easier. It does require more physical work and day to day maintenance though because it’s in reality, not in our heads.

When our head is cluttered sometimes it seeps into our workspaces, our cars, our bedrooms, our everything. This isn’t so great. While we might not admit it or even realize it, it hinders our progress and helps the clutter grow in our mind.


Look at this. This is not pretty. I just want to crawl into the picture, fix everything, and crawl out. But it reflects a state of mind. It reflects chaos, busyness, and stress. When this is everywhere in our homes, our cars, our workspaces, it infiltrates our minds especially if there is already clutter in our heads to begin with.

I was a naysayer about this whole idea. I wasn’t dirty or even really that messy in the grand scheme of things. But there was clutter. Crumpled up paper here, a small pile of clothes there, books scattered around, journals haphazardly tossed into a closet, etc. It was just cluttered. Surfaces were clean and everything was maintained. I wasn’t dirty, just cluttered. And I thought my life was fine (even though I was depressed).

I was okay in my clutter. It was fine. I could find what I needed (except all the time when I couldn’t). Sound kinda familiar?

But I wasn’t.

And this wasn’t made clear to me until one day I decided to clean everything up, remove the clutter, and change my frame of mind. Then I realized that I wasn’t fine before.

There’s only one thing you really need to do to help clear mental clutter and it’s this: keep a visibly clean life.

  1. Keep rooms organized. Floors, windowsills, nightstands, desks, cubbies, countertops, you name it. Keep. It. Clean.
  2. Empty garbages, make beds, organize papers. Do the little things that help maintain cleanliness and order. Make your bed every day. Put your stuff away at the end of the night. Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes. It sounds silly, but stuff like that really helps maintain order instead of chaos in the long run.
  3. Find a sense of order. Find your sense of order. Start with cleaning and organization and then branch off from there. Find what you like and what you need to be happy and to kill chaos.

Do I sound like your mother yet?

There’s logic here. It might sound nagging, but there is sound logic here. Having a clean life cleans out your head. It eliminates unnecessary chaos and puts Buzz to bed. When the world is chaotic (in your head and in your life), everything is so much harder. Buzz has so many hiding places to sit in and buzz around in. Take out the clutter, remove his nests. He lives on and in these surfaces, ready to share the negativity from your past and present. So clean it up! Put him to bed.

Try it out. Try it out for more than one week. Having a clean home and workspace helps you be ready to meet each day. It helps declutter your mind. It helps you be the best you can be. Try it! Challenge yourself! Have fun being organized. And enjoy being chaos free in your mind.


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