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Coffee, Coffee, And More Coffee

Yep, that picture is definitely of a happy cup of coffee.

To me, nothing is better than a cup of coffee. Doesn’t even matter if it is smiling back or not because the first sips of coffee are always heaven. But then again, there’s something to be said for the warm feeling of a cup of afternoon tea in your hands too. What’s this? A diehard coffee addict drinking tea too?

You heard it right, folks. I, the writer eternally hopped up on coffee, love a good cup of tea too.

What’s wrong with me, you ask? Absolutely nothing.

I first began religiously drinking coffee in high school when my plate was loaded with AP classes, extracurriculars, homework, and yes, writing. I lived on unhealthy amounts of sleep and coffee both. It wasn’t until after my first year in college that I began to drink coffee for reasons other than its taste and ability to keep my eyes open.

One day, probably in winter, I sat down with a cup of hot coffee in the afternoon and sipped it slowly. Maybe snow was falling. Maybe rain. I just remember sitting in my chair and looking outside, relishing the tremendous sense of calm I felt inside of me. From then on, I began to drink coffee to help me relax. What an oxymoron.

While working on writing or homework or something else that could stress me out, I would be drinking my coffee. And it was really nice. It calmed me down and energized me enough to get through my work. Eventually, I broadened out my taste to tea and sometimes even flavored water.

Then I got to thinking, why was coffee making me calm? And why had it become such an important part of my daily life? That is, aside from the headaches that would come if I stopped.

And then I realized, it was the act of bringing something I enjoyed to my lips that had made it so important.

I’m going to keep this super short.

I liked coffee. Coffee tastes good to me. When I sat and struggled, tasting something warm and yummy lit up all my happy centers. When I developed a taste for tea, the same thing happened.

So, what did I learn?

DRINK MORE COFFEE. Or at least drink things that I enjoyed.

Throughout my day now, I’ll have coffee, tea, cocoa, juice and sparkling water, anything that lights up my brain with happiness. And I’ve found, other than being much more hydrated, I’m happier. Having those little drinks that are completely healthy ease my stress a little. It’s nice to have something that keeps you smiling like that.

So I encourage you to explore, try new and healthy drink combinations. Warm or cold, caffeinated or not, drink something that makes you happy, keeps you calm, and makes you take in a nice deep breath!

Happy Wednesday!


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