Mental Health Monday

Get Up And Go

Get up and go.

You heard me, go.

Leave your computer alone. Turn your phone on silent. Run away from the busyness of a life lived hiding from your ambition. It’s okay to want. It’s okay to dream.

Abandon the fear of failure. Pick up some reckless abandon on the way to fulfilling yourself, your hopes. Give your hopes more credit than their name. They are tangible, real things. You can taste them on your tongue, can’t you? Hear their whispers in your ears? There are dreams there, resting on the edges of your senses just waiting for you to believe in them.

So believe in them.

Make them come true.

It’s terrifying. It’s hard. There will be up and downs on any journey you choose to travel. But that doesn’t mean you leave the journey, jump out of the plane because there’s turbulence. You stick to it, see the reward of the journey itself and the reward of the place you end up.

Live your life the way you want to. The only thing stopping you really is yourself. Go watch that sunset, get up early and see the sunrise. Roll out your yoga mat, practice. Breathe fresh air.

Move. Love. Dance. Fight. Love.

But most importantly, just live.

Get up. Go. Go live.


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