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Soak Up The Sun

I don’t think I need to tell anyone to do this twice but…go soak up the sun! Enjoy it. Put on some black clothes, lather up in sunscreen if it’s actually warm, put on some glasses and soak it up.

But nothing on this blog is that simple so let’s examine.

Let’s say it’s summertime. 90 degrees, dry (or humid), brilliantly sunny out, and yep, definitely summer. Sun wakes up early, sets at 9 at night. Yep, summertime glory has arrived. So you can get off work, sit outside, walk the dog and still get your vitamin D and the perfect mental boost you honestly need.

It’s easy to get sun in the summer even if it’s on your way to and from work. It’s easier to get those precious rays. But what about in spring, early spring? What about late fall? Nope, not quite as easy. Why not? We want it more than we do in the summer. We need it more than we do in the summer. We don’t get as much of it as we do in the summer. So why, why, why don’t we take advantage of those sunny days?


We just don’t think about it. Plain and simple. We forget how beautiful it is to see sunrises and sunsets. We forget how wonderful it feels to be warm down to the core. We forget that nice toasty feeling of getting into a heated car, not some sadistic box of ice that never heats up right. Just as easily we forget what it feels like to have to sit in a cold car, walk out in the gloomy weather, and that stuff.

This winter in Chicago has been one of the gloomiest I have ever seen. Which is good because I had a lot of stuff to think about and realize. One being, I have a tendency (as so many do) to take the sun for granted. It’s out during the day and by the time I’m ready to do anything, it’s asleep because we still don’t have those nice long days yet.

Luckily this meant one thing for me: appreciating the sun.

When you do see the sun, whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall here are some things that are easy and quick ways to ensure you’re giving your body and mind what you need.

1. Go work by a window

Granted, this is not always a possibility BUT if you are in a position where you can sit, type, or work by a window please do so. You can sit in the sun, bask in the warm rays, and even get your work done. How’s that for awesome?

If you can’t sit directly in the sun, even being a room or area that is well lit will help. It’s depressing to sit in a dark room all day.

2. Lunch Break

What do you do if you can’t sit by a window at all ever? Go outside on your lunch break. This works best in the warmer months. But once that thermometer goes above 40, try to get outside on your lunch break. Even if you just sit in your car for the whole time in the sun you get to enjoy it. You give your body the brightness it needs and key absorption of Vitamin D. Heck, maybe go outside and go for a run real quick!

You can also wake up a little earlier and watch the sunrise if this is an option for you. Grab some coffee, some food, and sit in the first light of day. This is a great alternative to lunch breaks if you can’t get out in the sun on your break.

3. Make a conscious effort

This looks different for everyone but the bottom line is, get into the sun. Appreciate it. Notice it. Yes, it is sunny out. It might even be warm. Go outside, enjoy the crisp weather. Spring is beautiful. Noticing it and appreciating it puts each of us in a better mindset, a less dismal one.

So go out! Sit in the sun! Look up and say, “Woah! The sun’s out, the sky is clear, and it’s nice out!” Forcing yourself to acknowledge a good thing like warm, sunny weather can only benefit you in the short and long term. Learn to appreciate the things around you, the things that make you happy.pexels-photo-355312.jpeg


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