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Trusting The Flow

Trusting anything is hard whether we like to admit it or not. It’s always a gamble. That’s not to say it won’t work out or that it’s bound to fail, but it is always a gamble.

When we think of trust our minds often jump to one thing: trusting people. The second thing we think of is (for the religious folks out there) faith. But there are lots and lots of different kinds of trust that exist. Trusting our cars, our technology, trusting our safety, trusting our income, etc. Two kinds that are overlooked, however, are the trust we put in ourselves and the trust we put in the flow of life.

Ooo, getting all philosophical here with the flow of life. It’s not as fancy as it sounds. To me (it means different things to everyone), it just means that the energy and habits of people will keep on keeping on no matter what. It also means that a knot in my life will not (ha ha) always be tangled up. If I keep doing my thing, it’ll unravel itself.

So trusting ourselves. That’s a huge topic and I won’t cover it all in this piece because no one (not even me) has time to read all that. I’ll touch on trusting your work and work ethic today. This falls into the category of trusting the work you are putting into your dream to work.

Let’s get into it.

pexels-photo-89517.jpegYou don’t have enough time in the day. You have an endless list of household chores, errands, work, and work on your passion or dream. Your stress is high, you feel like your crumbling under the pressure. The pressure of what? Everything. Everything is hard so you, thinking this is the thing you need to do, push against everything and fight, fight, fight.

Except it doesn’t help.

It creates more stress, more struggle, more frustration. Because fighting the world, yourself, and the path you believed was the right one only causes more frustration and more stress. There’s one thing you can do though to help eliminate this frustration. Let go, breathe, and trust yourself.

You chose to be here. You chose this path. You decided you want to work. You trusted yourself to get yourself to your end goal. You chose to put in all the work leading up to this point because, at some point, you believed in yourself wholeheartedly. You believed that things would eventually work out.

Now that’s pretty phenomenal.

But something might have happened. It might have been a big thing. Life changing. World-altering. It might have broken you, driven you to your knees. Maybe it was two things, or ten, or a hundred that made you lose your trust in yourself, in life’s flow. Maybe you lost your vision, your grasp on your reality.

So what?

You trusted yourself once even if it was one day, one moment in one day. You can do it again. Focus on the beauty of doubt. It means your mind is working, it means you are pushing against some edge, fighting some odd that takes others out. Keep fighting.

Look outside, look at your work, look at your reflection. Trust that you know what you’re doing. That your heart knows where to take you and your mind has enough knowledge to carry you there. Your heart is the body and your mind the legs. Your willpower? The brain pushing the two to work together.

Trust yourself.

You know what to do. You know what work needs to be put in. And anything you don’t know? You’ll figure it out. You’ll learn. You might even mess up but it doesn’t matter so long as you keep on trusting yourself and working towards your goal.

Trust the flow.

The world will keep on keeping on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s brought many people together. Brought equally as many people to their dreams. In tandem with your hard work, the flow will bring you to your paradise on Earth. But you have to trust it. Trust that the work will pay off because there are things that will happen that you can’ understand, can’t even see.

Trust them both.

Because honestly…why not?


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