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Appreciate Your Mornings

Mornings are beautiful. Mornings are gorgeous. Mornings are divine.

Not enough people think so though. It’s part of our society to bash mornings because those initial moments aren’t comfortable. It’s hard to wake up. It’s hard to see the beauty of the morning. When your head is hunched over your coffee, when you’re squinting in the sun on your morning commute, and when you’re scowling at the early sun peeking over the horizon you aren’t doing the world justice.

Not all mornings are pristine of course, but every morning is gorgeous. It’s fresh and new. Untouched by everything.

Why don’t you learn to love mornings?

Let’s start by looking at how every morning is a gift.

Of course, each season brings with it a unique specialness to it. Where I am, winter brings sparkling snow, dark mornings full of stars, crunchy frost, and a crisp silence found only on a winter morning. Spring brings the smell of earth, soft and warm breezes, the smell of flowers and trees and grass, and it brings a liveliness. The world is waking up too! Summer brings humidity, heat, a bright sun higher in the sky, dewy mornings, and (my favorite part of summer mornings), a coolness that precedes the heat. Finally, fall, has crunchy leaves, the smell of fallen leaves and pumpkins, colder mornings (a relief after summer), and a special quiet as the sun gets lazy rising again.

There we go. Just a few quick moments to bring to your attention.

That still doesn’t answer the question of why we should appreciate mornings. Honestly, why? By evening, by nighttime, we are relaxed or ready to relax from all our hard work. We’re willing to sit down and have a fire. We’re excited about watching the sunset. We just can’t wait to curl up in bed with a book. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but there is a tranquility to the morning that you’re missing out on. There’s a special happiness that I’ve found only enters your life from the morning.

Why do I love mornings so much? Is it because I’m a morning person? Well, kinda. But that’s almost irrelevant.

I love mornings because I’ve lived to see another day.

Maybe this is because I’ve always tended to live in the moment or because I watch too many chronic illness vloggers on YouTube, but today is today. I woke up. I woke up. I WOKE UP. How amazing is that? Far too often we handle waking up like an expected fact of life. We go to bed, set our alarms, and know that we’ll wake up. Except that we don’t know that. We have no clue. So when I wake up, I know for sure that I love that I’ve done it. I woke up. I’m alive for another day. I get to see the sun again.

That’s significant, isn’t it? I am alive. When you orient your worldview with the idea that you are not entitled to another day of life, each one feels precious. As it should. I’m happy to wake up because I’m happy to be alive. Bottom line.

I love mornings because I love the quiet.

Regardless of the season, mornings (especially earlier ones) have a special silence to them. Animals are just waking up, people are just getting themselves going, the earth is just warming up. In those first few hours of the day, it’s soft. It’s still. That stillness helps me find my own inner stillness. It’s too easy to succumb to the chaos of modern living, at least I think so. Tapping into the stillness of the morning helps me learn how to reflect it. Whether I’m on a morning run or practicing my morning yoga, I am sure to focus on cultivating an inner quiet that reflects that of the present morning.

I love mornings because I love the beauty.

I really, really do. Plants open up, dew sparkles, the sun shines brilliantly over the horizon, the dark leaves the sky and I can’t get enough of it. I love how ready the world is to wake up. It doesn’t question the sunrise we do. It doesn’t fight it the way we so often do. It embraces the new day with opening leaves and eyes. I love mornings for this because I want to be this accepting of things.

Bottom line here? There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy the morning so much but the reason why it resonates with me so much is because it tastes like life. We face a struggle (waking up), we overcome with a smile on our face (human nature), and we appreciate the beauty of the struggle (triumph).

sunset-poppy-backlight-66274.jpegI’ve talked about mornings before and I’m sure I’ll talk about them again.

Start learning to live your life and start learning to love your mornings. Every morning is just a little different for me, just the way I like it, but finding your perfect happy morning might take a little bit of work. What waking time is best? Do you like rising with the sun? What kind of coffee do you like? I like french press coffee with my morning yoga practice. I like to wait a little on breakfast until after I’ve done my yoga. Do you like spending time outside? It’s my favorite time of day to sit outside. I’ll grab a warm drink, mostly coffee, and sit and watch the sun. Or I’ll head out for a run in the early hours. Either way, I love feeling the world wake up.

There are so many small details that help us appreciate our mornings. Wake up a little earlier and search them out. Find those things that can make every single morning perfect. How can you best appreciate and enjoy the life in your veins? Life is not about dragging yourself from bed and through the day. It’s about living!

Wake up. Look to the eastern sky. Vocalize your intent for the day, say hello to the world. Grab your coffee. Appreciate your morning and live.


1 thought on “Appreciate Your Mornings”

  1. OMG!! I’m going to bed — just so I can get up this very next morning to scream “I’m ALIVE!” Thank you for the literal Wake Up Call!

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