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Blog Update


Another update here. I’ve been sporadic at best in posting, boy do I know it. Starting next week, there will be four posts per week. Monday will be advice related articles, the thing that this blog was founded on. Tuesday will alternate between running related articles and poetry related articles. Wednesday will be a yoga article. And Friday will be “What I mean when I say…” How does that sound?

Hopefully pretty good.

Now here’s the thing. I started this blog to write about characters like Buzz the Bee, a pesky little bee that gets stuck in your head. The blog has moved away from negative-centered articles like this and has instead begun to take a positive spin on things but Buzz isn’t gone. Look forward to more articles on Buzz himself and his motley crew of characters like Tag.

I really hope you all enjoy the changes I’m working on. It’s a fun journey and thanks for sticking with it.


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