Connect To Your Heart

I know that I’ve spoken on the benefits of heart openers and practice that force you to work on developing your heart chakra. But this is just a tad bit different.

This is about connecting to your heart.

This is about feeling love for yourself, for others, for the world. This is about finding the peace we all harbor. Accepting it. Running with it. This is about feeling the blood in our bodies and appreciating it.

So let’s get into it.

three red heart balloons
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Why do we disconnect from our heart in the first place?

Normally it’s because of trauma. A heart break. A breach of trust. Abuse from anyone, family, friends, authority figures, partners. Something painful closes us off from ourselves and from others. We might not know we do it. We might know full well we do. But it ends up being an unconscious choice regardless. We get so used to being closed off. We get stuck in that place. And it doesn’t help that most of the rest of the world is there too. Nope, it doesn’t help at all. Because what that means is that we are also taught to ignore our heart. We are taught not to love ourselves and others. We are taught to be closed off. And while that’s not great, it’s because people have found it to be the safest option. Emotionally at least.

What ends up happening when we block off the path to our heart?

We end up with a mind-heart disconnect.

And it’s honestly a pretty scary dilemma. As much as the heart needs the mind to guide it, help it make decisions, keep it reigned in when necessary the mind needs the heart too. It needs a helper to humanize decisions, go with the gut, offer up the third option. It needs something to break it from its routine, keep it young, keep it open to change.

That’s the part that we normally forget about. We tend to just focus on the logic or even the heart on its own. They work in tandem. With each other they can form a complete, calm, happy person. But if we are disconnected from one (for today’s purposes: the heart) then we will see the negative side effects.

Okay, so what are the negative side effects?

Grumpiness, anger, bad relationships (yes with yourself), a soured worldview, prejudice, and you know the list goes on. The point is…you feel bad.

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