Mental Health Monday

The Beauty of The Dark

None of this malarkey about “because you can see the light”Here, today, we are talking about the dark. And to say anything after “the dark is beautiful” should be a sin. Talking about the dark as a way to see the light has its place, but it isn’t here. The darkness is beautiful on its own, in its own way.

Let’s look at that for a change.

The dark is beautiful. Beautiful. To me, there is no doubt about that. It gives us depth. Physically, it adds something to our features. To see shadows play across our skin highlight other things. Shadows fill us in, make our emotions come out to play even if we don’t feel them.

In a similar way, darkness shades in our personality and gives us depth. Our struggles give us depth. They give us shadows full of life. More than anything, to me those struggles in life where we meet darkness are the ones that give our life meaning. We exist and existence isn’t easy. It’s hard. There is pain. There is a night and there is a day. To feel only one would be disingenuous.

This will be a shorter article, but before I dive way into it, what are your thoughts on the darkness? So many of us are ready to hate it, ready to brush it off as a bad thing. But this isn’t the case. Darkness doesn’t have to be considered evil because the Bible says so.

Let’s look at horror. I wrote an article the other day about why we really need to appreciate horror because of what it offers us. This extends into all sorts of darkness in literature. It is beautiful. It can represent personal struggle, pain. It can give life whole worlds made on dark creativity. It can reach out to an audience and change them.

To me, that’s gorgeous.

Darkness has the power to alter. Hardships have the power to change us for the better. We can become better, stronger people because of the darkness in our lives.

Besides that,darkness and abnormalities are interesting. Maybe not always beautiful, but interesting. We all have the same brain, well not really. But I think you know what I mean. We have the same structure. We are created from the same rule-book. And yet, we are all so different.

How cool is that?

But some of us have weirder, darker aspects to our personality. Some of us have variations that are dangerous, some that are just twisted. It interests me how quickly our brains can go from functioning to not. That is a very real reason why people shy away from acknowledging the beauty and strength of darkness. We can all be there.

We can all get to a terrible point, we can all start misfiring in our head. No one is special.

But, let’s look at physical darkness which is more what this is about.

Physical darkness is gorgeous.


Well, why is the light gorgeous? No adjectives allowed. Just a nice definition of why you think it’s gorgeous. Stumped? Me too. Darkness just is gorgeous.

There’s a heaviness to it that I love. It’s honest. It balances. It keeps things alive. Sure, the light feeds the world but the night feeds the soul. Our senses go into overdrive. Our brains fabricate things that aren’t there. The world starts chirping and growling, and living.

I love that this is what darkness can do.

It can bring such life to the world. It gives birth to a whole new ecosystem. A whole new way of life.

As promised, nice and short. I just want to bring awareness to the beauty to the darkness. Please, look at it. See the beauty of the dark itself, by itself.

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