Overcoming Running Obstacles

Or exercise in general.

Incoming: a shorter but important blog.

What’s in your way? Right now. Why aren’t you going outside, going to the gym, going into the other room to workout, to run, to do yoga? Why aren’t you there? And why is that excuse good enough?

Is it time? Previous commitments? Listen, things get out of hand during the holidays, I know. One thing leads to another and next thing you know it’s ten p.m on Christmas Eve and you’re in Walmart desperately trying to find that one thing you missed. But that’s the thing isn’t it? One thing leads to another. And somewhere along the line, you realize that you’re messing up.

You aren’t respecting yourself, your”me time”, your ability as a person. You’re pushing all this stuff to the next day, the next paycheck, the next month instead of planning it out today. You’re leaving all these very important, stressful things up in the air. And they won’t get neglected

But you will.

Your health is the thing to die during this season. Your well-being is what takes the hit when you procrastinate, when you choose not to live in the present moment. So that’s what you need to do. Those things you need to order? Start a list. Boom, boom,  boom. Work down that list in order of shipping times, availability, and importance. Buy that first thing today . Those get togethers you have to plan? Send all those emails right now, all those texts right now.

All the fun holiday things you want to do with your family or significant other? Plan it now. Call them, talk to them and settle on some dates and times. 

Now what?

Plan that run.

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What else is stopping you? Don’t want to go out in the cold? Is the weather miserable? Is it just dark too early (I get it)? 

If you really wanted, you would exercise.

There is always a way around laziness, around our excuses. It’s on us to figure them out. We can’t just lay in bed, keep pressing snooze when there is work to be done. Running on the warm days, working out when the sun is out is easy. It is. When it’s dark, cold, snowy/slushy/rainy, and just plain miserable it’s easier to stay inside.

But is that what you’re going to do? Are you always going to take the easy way on this? Or are you going to fight yourself to workout and mold yourself into a better, more determined, and stronger you? Willpower is a muscle. Use it. Work it.

I’m sure there are a million and two reasons you and I could come up with as to why we shouldn’t go for a run, right? We all don’t want to do it some days. It isn’t easy and it especially isn’t easy when we’re overworked and engaging in bad habits and just wanting to sleep.

But push yourself through that. Take care of yourself. Be strong. Be good.


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