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Ho, ho, ho! You’ve gotten your last post out of me you rascals.

I’m just kidding. Since the holidays are finally here I have a few quick things to say.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

First and foremost, thank you to each and every one of you has supported this blog in the last year. I can’t wait to make it succeed even more next year but I’m so happy with how far this blog has come. I love that I can reach some of you, motivate others, and maybe shine a light on a dark place.

Second of all, I won’t be posting until the 26th of December. Unless of course, I get a real hankering and just can’t resist a quick Christmas-y post. Because let’s be real…I just love writing. If you really need to read more of my writing remember that I also have an instagram (@lunatic_writer). Which brings me to an announcement. Next year, I’ll be keeping up with my author platform, lunaticwriter.blog Even though it might not be your thing, if you have any rebellious nieces and nephews or happen to know any metal heads, send them that way.

Photo by Thais Araujo on Pexels.com

Third, spend time with your family. Even if you aren’t nearby or don’t celebrate the season, just call them, email them, embrace that you have family. Many of us are mourning this holiday season and every holiday season. There are many families that are broken. If you have someone you love, love them.

That’s all. Merry Christmas.


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