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It’s A Beautiful Day

And it just so happens that it’s my birthday.

Like most of these blogs, I’m writing this one in advance. I’m not rushing or waiting till an hour before I actually want to post to begin writing. Instead, I’m working on this earlier. So…today isn’t actually my birthday. But the day I’m posting it is.

All right, am I so conceited that I have to write about my birthday? Do I need to tell everyone that today is a day to celebrate me?

Not at all.

In fact, I’m the type of person who likes to keep things quiet and private. Heck, some people didn’t even know that I was married until months later because we didn’t have a huge ceremony. I’m just that type of person. I don’t feel the need to broadcast my life, my relationships, or my accomplishments.

So why in the world am I doing this?

Because I didn’t want to.

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Yeah, I know. I sound crazy. I really didn’t want to write about my birthday, or about any sort of advice surrounding it. I didn’t even want to think about my birthday. Have you ever been in this position?

I think, at some point or another, we don’t look forward to our birthday. Whether it’s because we fear death, we don’t like the stereotypes associated with an age, we fear we’ve lost time and our dreams are slipping, or if whether it’s because we are just scared because of our past or just because…we might hate the approach of our birthday.

And I think that’s okay.

This year, I spent a lot of time passively dreading my birthday. I don’t really care about getting older at all. I really don’t. But I was just dreading it. I’m still not even sure there’s a particular reason why.

I kept pushing against the idea of not enjoying a holiday or not looking forward to it. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed before finally giving up and in frustration saying, “Fine. I won’t look forward to it then.” And that freed me.

A lot of my stress went away because I gave myself permission to not be excited about it. I let myself know that I don’t have to be 10/10 excited about something to still enjoy it as a moment in my life.

This is where the title comes in: It’s a beautiful day. And my birthday doesn’t have any impact on that.

It’s not a beautiful day because I was born. It’s not a beautiful day because I’m getting things. It’s not a beautiful day because I can do anything I want.

It’s just a beautiful day.

That freed me too.

I was born today. But this world is reborn every day.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Getting perspective on that seemed to take the stress away from me. So, to keep this short and sweet. Remember this: you can do whatever you want on your birthday. It’s your day after all. But remember too that there isn’t pressure for this day to be the best day ever.

There are so many days you’ll experience. Each one a birthday of a different sort. Just enjoy the life in you today, appreciate it especially on your birthday, and keep the perspective that the world is a very large place.


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