Warrior Pose

It’s a basic pose but a strong one. If you’ve done yoga for any length of time, 10 days or ten years, it’s impossible to miss warrior pose. Most practices incorporate it in some way unless it’s a restorative or meditative practice.

But why is it so important?

One might say that warrior pose is the yoga pose. Whenever there’s a picture of someone practicing yoga, it’s warrior pose. Maybe when we think about yoga in our head, we think about warrior pose.

Just a little bit of research shows us why this pose is so important and integral to yoga practice as a whole. It’s because it translates to mean spiritual warrior. What are we fighting on the mat?


We’re battling against ourselves, our ignorance, our anger, our demons, the world around us, you name it and we fight against it. We are fighting for a sense of peace deep inside us.

The purpose of coming to the yoga mat is that. It’s to find love, peace, and wild sense of life inside of us. We get that through fighting against self-hatred, underlying anger, and apathy.

We get to this goal by practicing honestly and consistently.

And by going over warrior pose a lot.

Warrior pose isn’t just about our internal battle with the cosmos. It’s also about our battle for alignment. For me at least, figuring out the place where I was balanced, strong, putting my weight in the correct spot, and having my hips squared took forever. And I’m still working on it. Warrior taught me that alignment isn’t a one time deal.

You don’t “find your alignment” today and keep with it for the next ten years. You find your alignment for today and find it again tomorrow. Every day our bodies are changing, growing, letting us move in different ways. That means our alignment changes too if only just by a little bit.

I love using Warrior one or two to explore those changes.

It’s also fantastic way to open our hips, tone our arms, and open up our heart space. And ground down. Lots of benefits.

The reason why I like using this pose so much in the early moments of my practice is because of one thing: it’s tough.

It requires thinking. It requires a sense of understanding. Of ourself. Of our body. Of our mentality. It clues us in very quickly to what is happening inside of us. It’s a pose for exploration. At least, that’s how I like to look at it.

So instead of reading on and on about the benefits and importance of this pose, go on and take a few minutes to practice it. Explore!

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