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Wake Up

To your life, to your decisions, to your attitudes. Wake up.

Do you think that you have endless time to be miserable? To putz around doing nothing at all? Do you think that you have time let goal after goal slip away? Do you think you can get away with putting no effort into your life?

Do you realize that it will catch up to you?

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This is a message most of us need to hear. And it’s a tough love kind of message since a lot of us sit around. Mope. Grumble. Watch TV. Spends hours on the phone. We do that and then we say, “I don’t have time for…” and inevitably it’s something hard like working out or cooking.

And that’s a different topic. For now, let’s get into this article. Which will be a little different than what you’re used to from me.

This is your life so if you choose to waste it, that’s still a choice. It’s a valid choice you can make. But it’s one that I fight against every day.

Why do we spend so much time on our phones, tablets, and TVs? Why do we believe we have no time in a day, when we are spending so much of it with our head buried in the sand?

What are we hiding from?

Because there has to be something we are hiding from, a reason why we don’t want to actually live. Was it something that happened last week or 25 years ago? Is it a part of you like depression or a habit of laziness?

What is stopping you from abandoning that life?

Is it fear of failure? Stop your success before you can even chase after it. That’s the safest option? You’ll never be a marathon runner so don’t even run a block. Is that it?

Or maybe it’s crippling doubt. You’ll never amount to anything. You’ll never be anything besides mediocre. You’ll never be anything other than plain, boring, average. But on what scale? In your world of 7.5 billion? In a country of 325 million? In a city of millions, thousands? In a town of thousands? In a personal network of hundreds? In a household of five? What’s your scale?

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Or maybe you just don’t want to. Maybe you don’t want to work. Maybe you haven’t trained your willpower. Maybe you hate the effort.

Maybe you haven’t realized that we all hate the effort.

But that doesn’t matter to those of us who have done it consistently because we know that the effort is a friend. It helps us. It heals us. It pushes us. The effort fuels our success.

Effort is the muscle to intelligence. It follows through on the plans intelligence creates. Our brains aren’t strong enough to open doors, but our brawn can do it. But our brawn can’t figure out how to move through an obstacle course…not without our brain.

They work together.

And they won’t work if the heart is asleep.

Why does your attitude suck? Why won’t you see yourself as a problem? Why won’t you look at the beauty in the world, the beauty in you, the positivity out there? What is so wrong that you cannot ever choose to be an optimist?

Why are optimists considered dumb?

What’s so wrong with hope? What’s so wrong with seeing the bright side of things? When we have a sense of how the world works, when we understand the possibilities and truth in situations, why can’t we choose to be happy? Why does it have to be doom and gloom all the time?

Why do you have so much anger?

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Does it have to be this way? Do you have to succumb to bad moods, a bad attitude, and a bad lifestyle? Do you have to keep making bad choices?


Why would you think otherwise? Habits don’t matter. Nothing matters besides your everyday choices. Your in the moment choices.

It’s laughably simply to just choose to live a life you’re proud of. Just wake up to your decisions. Realize what’s wrong. Get over yourself, your pride, your mistakes, your fear, your anger. Wake up to the damage you do to yourself. Wake up to what you dream of at night. Wake up to every aspect of your life that surrounds you, that drowns you.

It’s laughably simple. Just choose the life you want. Choose to be happy. Choose to look at the beauty. Choose to exercise, to eat right. Choose to get therapy if you can’t do it yourself. Choose to ask for help. Choose to get up on time. Choose the choices that don’t make life comfortable all the time but that make it a life you are proud of.

Even though it’s laughably simple, it’s hard. It’s the hardest thing. Holding yourself accountable is tough. Taking responsibilities for your actions is hard. Forcing yourself to do what you need to do every single day is so difficult that most of us choose not to even try.

But it gets easier.

The more you train your brain to do what you need to do, the more it accepts that as fact. The more a low-energy, unhealthy, unwell lifestyle no longer makes sense. Your brain pulls away from that. Your brain adapts to your lifestyle. The one you create.

So get working.

Start creating a life that you love. Start creating a life that involves work. Effort. Time. Thought. Start working to understand yourself. To discipline yourself. Give yourself boundaries. Give yourself jobs. Give yourself work.

Learn to enjoy this life. Wake up to your life because this is the only one you have. This moment now is the only time you will ever experience this. And then it’s gone, you’re experiencing something else.

Your life is what you choose. Remember, even if you cannot control your circumstances, you can control your attitude, your thoughts, and what you do with your physical body.

But enough of that.

Just live your life. Wake up and start living. Choose to live.

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