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Do Yoga With A Loved One

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is today so in light of this, let’s talk about how much fun doing yoga with a loved one is.

First of all, I’m talking about an at home practice. Not that a yoga studio is boring, less fun, or less special but you can’t really be as open or mischievous as you can be at home. And you can’t take a second to walk off your mat to get coffee either.

I love my practice. I love creating flows, following along to videos, or finding new poses on Instagram to try. And normally I do it alone. But there’s something special about practicing with someone you love.

There’s nothing to say you have to be married or in a relationship to be able to do this either. You can practice yoga with your puppy, your cat. You can practice with a friend, a family member. The only requirement is that you have to love them.

Just keep that in mind. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up I know it can feel like the world is lonely. So if there’s someone or something in your life that you love, practice yoga with them.

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Practicing yoga with someone else is fun, plain and simple.

If you’re listening to a video you can giggle about certain things, poke at each other, crack jokes. You can try fun postures. You can even just try and be still together. The point is, you’re not just actively enjoying your practice, you’re actively enjoying their presence.

And that’s so important.

Listen, Valentine’s Day comes around once a year and we’re all so focused on getting jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and maybe going to dinner that night or the weekend. But is that really the point? To cherish someone one day or one weekend out of the year?

Try practicing yoga with someone you love, if you can, once a week. Especially your significant other. Being alive in the present moment like that with each other is really special.

We all fall into the habit of thinking we don’t have enough time or we’re too angry or just having a bad day and we neglect those we love in our life. So start carving out time.

Learning to cherish your significant other isn’t easy if you aren’t used to it. But it makes Valentine’s Day almost seem like just another day.

And yes this is possible.

And no, I’m not in the honeymoon phase. I just really like my husband and I show him. And he really likes me…and he shows me (by getting me bearings for a sports car instead of jewelry for our anniversary).

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Start small. Take time to do something new together and show your love for the people you love.

Looking strictly at romantic relationships now, you should enjoy doing things to create a happiness between you two. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or heartfelt. It can be a surprised cooked favorite meal. Or mailing a little love letter even if you live together. It can be arranging shredded cheese into a heart before tacos. Or leaving a note on their pillow. Or always giving them a hug right when they come home.

The point is this: live in the moment with your significant other. Be yourself. Keep your individuality but practice being in the present with them. Yoga together helps cultivate this. Even if you are laughing at each from upside down poses.

With that, have a happy Valentine’s Day and practice love every single day.

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