What I Mean When I Say

“I Love Winter”

I might be writing this now that the weather has crawled above freezing but that doesn’t change that I love winter. And that many people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that.

I love winter. I always have. I do say that when it’s warmer, but I also say it all throughout winter. Yes, even on the -50 windchill days. Though I’ll be honest, that one made me glad for a good heating system.

But what do I mean when I say I love winter? I can’t really like cold weather, ice, and snow?

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Well, surprisingly enough, I do like cold weather, snow, and ice. For many reasons too. I like watching snow fall. I like playing in it. Walking in it. Running in it. I like catching snowflakes on my tongue. I love how everything looks in it.

There’s always been some enticing about snow. It’s magical. Winters in Chicago are dark. I know they aren’t that way everywhere but from about late October to mid March, we don’t seem to get much sun. The sun rises late, sets early. And when it is up for us to see, clouds block our vision. It’s not very fun.

And that’s part of why I love snow so much. It gives my brain a break. It brings a whiteness to the landscape that can’t be found in any other season. It brightens up the dark days. It makes nighttime so bright too! Most of the time, when I’m running in the early days of winter, I’m eagerly looking forward to a nice coating of snow. It really does brighten everything up.

Beyond that though, it gives me a chance to be a child. To have fun.

I’m all about practicing fun wherever and whenever I can. When there’s a good ol’fashioned snow storm, I’ll head on out in some snow gear with my husband and run around in the snow, catching snowflakes on my tongue. It brings me such joy to be able to enjoy nature like that.

That’s at the core of my love for winter. My love for and enjoyment of nature.

Winter makes me respect the world. Winter makes me know my own power in comparison to the natural power of the world. Winter takes my hand and guides me through the titanic beauty of the world.

I’ll go on walks after ice storms (yes with cleats) and look at how the ice coats everything. And I mean everything. Nothing is untouched. Not when freezing rain falls at least. Everything sparkles. Everything is outlined. It’s gorgeous, unique, and terrifying.

Winter is the only season here that puts a hard stop on everything. Can’t go out when there’s a foot of snow covering the roads. Can’t go out when there’s half an inch of ice coating everything. Can’t really go out when all of the above is mixed with -50 degree windchill. But you can admire it.

I love how quiet winter is. Everything is muffled except for the crunch of snow, the crinkle of frozen leaves or branches. No birds sing except the occasional hawk. There isn’t that much car traffic. And everything seems so much bigger all of a sudden.

Photo by Benjamin Cruz on Pexels.com

But the beauty is not the only reason I love it. If that were the only reason, I’d visit it once or twice a year at a resort.

I love the challenge.

There is very little that is easy about winter. Waking up in the dark is hard. Doing activity and exercise in the evening and it being dark is hard. Exercising in the cold…hard. Snow? Ice? Hard. Everything is hard mentally and physically. But I love that.

I love having a concrete challenge to work through. Besides, by the time spring rolls around, 40 degrees feels like summer and sun setting after five p.m is magical. If I give into the dark, hibernating energy of winter I wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

Besides all that, I genuinely do like working out in the cold. It’s such a challenge and it’s so much work. My body has to work in different ways as does my brain. It’s refreshing.

I really do love everything about winter. That doesn’t mean that I want it all year round. I like the change. I like the difference in seasons. Winter always gets the short end of the stick and I’m here to say that yes, I do love winter.

And no, I’m not saying that because it’s warm out.


8 thoughts on ““I Love Winter””

  1. Absolutely! I’m currently in Tennessee and it seems that the majority of people I talk to, they love summer, the heat, and beaches! I get a lot of the opposite opinion when I say that Winter is my favorite season.

    There’s something that I just found so poetically creative for me during this time period. It’s absolutely fabulous. I love your insight in this blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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