Running With A Foot Injury

Can anyone tell that I recently had a (running related) foot injury? What gave it away? Was it last week’s post and this week’s post?

In all seriousness, we don’t pay enough attention to our feet. I have always hated socks and shoes. I was also lucky enough to engage in sports like martial arts where you’re barefoot. I just kept encouraging myself to keep my shoes off. I think I spend maybe an hour a day with shoes on and that’s driving time.

But, recently, I had a foot injury which was tied into an ankle problem which was tied into a calf problem. Wow, are we shocked? Shouldn’t be, everything’s connected.

I’m rambling!

This post will be small because you shouldn’t be running with a foot injury.

You shouldn’t even finish a run with a foot injury.

I do understand the runner mentality and I messed myself up because I finished my run limping. Yeah, it seems like common sense to stop but it’s a lot harder to do when you keep thinking, “well, I’m almost done” or “I’m already out here”.

No! Go home.


If your foot starts to hurt on a run, and gets worse as you go, turn your butt around and go home. If you have a sudden sharp pain in your foot. Stop. Check it out. I would play it safe and head home but you can always try another mile or two to see if it’s gone. If it comes back stop and go home. If you have a deep ache in your foot as you run, something is wrong.

I can’t tell you the problem. You can try and figure it out yourself, go to a professional, whatever. I cannot tell you what’s wrong.

But, if you are taking time off for a foot injury, look at your shoes. There might be a clue there as to what’s happening. Examine the tread. Where have you worn through? Is it even on each shoe? Do you need new shoes? Or do you need another pair specifically for long distance? Do some research!

Take some time off. KT Tape your foot. Ice/heat. REST.

During that time, do some research. See if there’s an outside reason why your foot or feet are in pain. See if maybe it’s your hip, quad, calf, or something else completely. But it is so important that you don’t run.

Remember: You do not have to push through everything.

It’s okay to take time off. It’s encouraged! Take a few days, maybe even a week. Do not mess with your foot though. Be careful. Heal up. And do not run on a foot injury.

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