What I Mean When I Say

“I Love To Travel”

Well most people do. I’m not so special. But I feel like there’s a big misunderstanding when I say I like to travel. I really like being at home. And I’m not actually a big fan of huge outings, theme parks, fancy dinners, etc. So then, what do I mean when I say I like to travel if I don’t like those things?

I guess I mean a lot, as do many people. But we’ll start from the beginning of a trip to the end.

For starters, I genuinely enjoy the act of traveling. I particularly like that it locks me in with my thoughts and tons of people I can craft characters around. Willing victims as I think of them (in a positive way I promise). Park of the perk of sitting in a crowded plane or terminal is watching and analyzing various human behaviors. I only need ten people I’ve never seen before to keep me happy but I get hundreds!

I love sitting on planes or whatever and quietly thinking, writing, maybe even reading. There’s something inspiring about traveling to me. Everything is so much smaller and for a brief moment in time, minutes on a train or hours on a plane or days in a car, I’m bigger. My perception is so much bigger. My universe, my center is elevated, quite literally, to the highest it can go. My scale, my perspective is as wide as the lens allows. How cool is that?

The other thing about the act of traveling is how amazing and titanic the act is.

Humans have done this. We have created trains, planes, and automobiles that go faster than anything we can muster up with our muscles. It’s so cool to me!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love sitting in the plane or on a train. I love reveling in what we’ve been able to accomplish so far. It’s simultaneously strong and weak and that’s so cool to me. I’m genuinely so intrigued by the opportunities we’ve opened up because of our innovation.

It’s just so cool! I know I’ve already said this a million times in this article, but I’m a child at heart. I really, really am. To me, that means that I see the world fresh. I see everything as best I can at any given moment. I’ve cried several times on various plane rides from seeing lights gather around the Mississippi or passing the peak of a mountain or coming through a layer of clouds to see sunlight. It hits me hard.

The process of buying tickets, going through lines, boarding planes, and all that can be extremely stressful but when I was little, I’m pretty sure my parents enforced how much of a grand adventure it all is. As a result, when I see an airport I get so excited. I see adventure, unknown, and it’s so exciting.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

All right let’s talk about the meat and potatoes of travel, the destination. This is the part that everyone thinks about when I say that I love to travel. And, without a doubt, my proclamation of loving travel is followed by someone’s question, “What do you like to do?”

Absolutely nothing.

To a degree, I mean. If I’m going on a long vacation, I’d love to go out to a nice dinner once. Maybe an attraction or two. But by and large, I enjoy adventuring. That means pretty much one thing: get me out in nature.

My idea of travel is to appreciate and experience the nature native to the place I’m visiting and native to the places I travel through or above. That means hiking, running, walking, and activities that incorporate the outdoors. I think nature gives a place it’s energy. It is the backbone of everything there. It captures the emotions, the energy and reproduces it.

Personal opinion.

So of course I’d want to explore it! Plus, it’s a new place with new life that I’m not familiar with. While some are unfamiliar with a good old fashioned Chicago thunderstorm, I’m unfamiliar with cacti and dry air. I want to explore that.

It’s so exciting to be able to immerse yourself in literally another place on this planet. It blows my mind how large that is. We have the ability to transport ourselves thousands of miles away. I want to live that up and embrace that opportunity.

Being out in nature, especially if it’s not your own hometown, puts things into perspective. We live in such a big, crazy world where every few miles things change. More frequently than that I know, but the human eye only catches so much. Traveling far away and seeing a huge, huge change shocks the system if you let it. It puts our lives and world into perspective.

While I’ll feel above everything on a plane, I feel equal to that grain of dirt in a desert when I’m in a new physical world. I love it.

Continuing on with this, you’ll make so many memories and have so many stories. I absolutely love the crazy stories I have from venturing out into the countryside. I still have vivid memories from being in nature when I was a kid. I remember standing on top of a mountain. I remember standing in a field of sunflowers. I remember so many of those moments and they bring me the same amount of joy now as they did then.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Still on the destination aspect, I love learning to understand. I love learning. I love being in a position where I’m the outsider. You don’t have to go to a different country to experience this feeling. We should all learn to feel what it’s like to be different, to be the one with an accent, to be the one coming into another’s home.

It gives us a new perspective, again. It helps us sympathize with others. It helps us broaden our view of ourselves. Traveling is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we are when we are in places we are unfamiliar with. When there is no home base, no real place that is our own, how do we react?

Being in that position is incredibly important. It’s a valuable learning experience that teaches us about ourselves and areas we like. This is one reason why it’s important to visit a place you want to move to. How do the natives treat outsiders?

Beyond that, it’s difficult being in a place you aren’t familiar with.

You have to adapt. You have to think, problem solve, and work with what you have. That’s a skill we hone over time and I love practicing it even if it is tough in the moment. It keeps our brain fresh and young and happy.

Photo by Subham Dash on Pexels.com

Finally, I love going home. I always feel like no matter who we are or where we live, we will at some point take for granted our home. We become accustomed to our house, how we’ve styled it just to our liking. We get used to the routines there and all that jazz. We get used to being in a place tailored to meet our needs. A place that is our home base. For as adventurous as I am, and for how much I love to travel, a big part of that is because I love to come home.

I love walking in my front door and stepping into a house my husband and I have worked hard to call home. All the decorations, lighting choices, and paint colors speak to our preferences and what makes us happiest.

Nothing brings to light the comfort of home.

A nice vacation makes returning home a great thing.

So yes, I love travel. I love it so much. I love exploring new places, new worlds within the Earth. I love seeing family. I love being on an adventure with myself and with my husband. I love the world I live in and I love getting to watch myself change over a brief blink of time because of the journey.

While I’ll always miss the place I traveled to, I’ll also never forget how much I love my home. The one my husband and I created.

How cool is that?

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