What Am I Running In?

Hello! This article is a little fluffy but a lot of fun. I’ll be doing these twice a year; once for the cooler/cold weather and once for the warmer/hot weather. And it’s spring up here which means I’m running in less than I was a few weeks ago.

The most, most important thing I run in is sunscreen. I also happen to be very allergic to most things I put on my skin. That means that I’ve found only two that I like and use daily when I run. The first is Trader Joe’s brand sunscreen. I use spf 30 because studies have shown there’s about a 1% difference between that and 50.

The other one I’ll use (and I love the smell of for whatever reason) is Coppertone Sport. Comes in a nifty blue bottle that doesn’t ever slip out of my hands. This one lasts longer than the Trader Joe’s brand even though they say it’s the same. I’ve noticed a difference.

What’s important to remember about sunscreen?

  • It expires after six months
  • Shake it up (especially if it’s older)
  • Get under your sports bra and shorts because they’ll move
  • It must be reapplied

And I’ve learned my lesson the hard way from each of these.

Second up and extremely important to someone with eyes as sensitive to the light as mine are my sunglasses.

I have problems with sunglasses. I need really dark ones that do not crush my eyelashes up against the glass/plastic and that stick to my head. I’m small so finding things that fit my temple can struggle. Most sunglasses poke out the back or fall off especially with sunscreen and sweat in the mix.

However, I found a pair at a discount sports store. Underarmour Rage linked here. While they’re sold out on the site, you’ll get the dimensions there and can find them at discount stores, ebay, and amazon.

They don’t fall. Slip. Move a millimeter. They stay where they are put no matter what crazy sport you’re doing. And they’re nice and dark too. Block UVs…the whole shebang. I cannot praise them highly enough. I’ve gone through a lot of sunglasses in my life and these guys are the absolute best.

What’s important to remember about glasses?

  • They must not slip (bounce in the store a little)
  • They must block UV
  • Darker isn’t necessarily better but it might make your eyes feel better
  • Fit: temple, eyelash, nose, back of the head
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Down to shoes. I cycle two pairs of shoes. My fast days and lower distance days belong to the Brooks Hyperion. It’s a fantastic shoe for my foot and I would recommend Brooks to anyone. This particular shoe runs very small in the toebox so size up or look at different shoes if you have a wide foot.

My second shoe is the Brooks Glycerin 16. It’s not the latest (hello discounts) but it’s a fantastic long distance shoe with great support and response. It isn’t the coolest shoe though so make sure you don’t wear it on 100 degree plus days, without some kind of “body glide”, or with heavy socks in summer.

That brings me to my socks. I wear Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks also linked here. They come up nice and high in the back which is great for a shoe like the Glycerin which comes up pretty high in the heel. My socks are so important. You’ll have to find what works for you however some socks are just no good. It’s better to pay a little more for a better sock than get a ton of blisters.

Which brings me to final product that I absolutely adore. Body glide. This is amazing. This stuff prevents chafing which is a very real problem in the summer when you get sticky. I also use it if there are any hot spots in my shoes and I always use it on my achilles tendon. This stuff isn’t super expensive and I highly, highly, highly recommend you get a stick and try it out. It also works with other sports too!

Now clothes. I wear shorts and a tank top, short sleeve shirt, or sometimes just a sports bra. I also make sure I always wear a baseball cap to protect my head and eyes even though I wear sunglasses. I don’t have any preference at all for spring and summer clothes. As long as it wicks away sweat, keeps me cool, and is practical I’ll wear it! So don’t go out buying expensive stuff unless you have the money or really want to. You’re just going to sweat in it.

However, do invest in a good sports bra if you’re a woman. I like to have more coverage because I often run in them in the summer and only that. When it’s hot and humid, that’s my go-to attire. And that’s fine! But I do opt for more coverage for various reasons, sun exposure included.

And that’s what I’m wearing this spring and summer! The important things to take away are as follows:

  • Do buy name brand for shoes and socks
  • But don’t worry about buying name brand for clothes
  • Always wear sunscreen and cover yourself completely
  • Always wear sunglasses that 100% block UV
  • Don’t bother with uncomfortable equipment.

My final piece of what I wear is common sense. It’s easy to get carried away enjoying the warmer weather and end up hurt. Listen to your body. Check to make sure you aren’t burning under the sun, you are hydrated and have electrolytes, and that you are sweating. Also check in with your body to avoid blisters and all that jazz.

Enjoy the weather and enjoy your run!

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