5 Non-studio Places to Practice Yoga

It’s pretty rainy and cloudy here today which means my brain has been floating around to all the fun places that are sunny, dry, and warm. It is almost summer and there are more warm days than cool days.

So, on those warm days, sunny days, breezy, cloudy days do I stay inside and practice yoga? Do I even go to a studio to practice?


I practice…anywhere other than there!

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Yoga is all about being mindful. It’s about being in tune with everything happening inside you and around you. It’s about bringing a focus to our world, which includes ourselves. It’s not a mindless practice. It’s not about blocking out all the world. So why are we sticking to our studio practice? Or even our at home practice?

Well, we shouldn’t be. Let’s take a look at five non-studio places to practice yoga.

Your yard

This one is the most simple out of all of them. It requires the least amount of effort. No planning necessary. No driving necessary. Nothing is necessary besides grabbing your mat or a towel (or both) and heading outside. This is an environment that is perfect for building up your comfort with practicing outside.

It’s your home after all! While you might see people, these are people you know and no one is going to make fun of you or harass you for practicing yoga in your own yard.

So, roll out your mat and give this safe location a try!

A park

This one might take a little bit more courage. Getting up and getting yourself to a place where there’s a high likelihood of some stranger seeing you is a little threatening to our ego so we might never get around to trying it. Take the risk. You might be embarrassed at first, but being outdoors and experiencing the world is completely worth it.

Something to remember, is that practicing yoga outside is no different than people going for a run through the same park. It’s no different than a walk or reading a book on a grassy hill. You just have to take the plunge. You can start in your yard, build up some courage, and then head on over to a park. You might get lucky too! Your first time doing yoga at the park might be a day when no one is around!

A forest preserve

Yes, this one is similar to the last one. But a park is very different from a forest preserve or picnic area inside a forest preserve. For one, the scenery is entirely different. Probably no playgrounds far fewer kids and the people that are there are spread out over a chunk of land so you might not run into them as easily. It’s going to be quieter but also louder. You’ll get more nature sounds.

It’s also going to be a lot cooler in the shade so if it’s a real scorcher, practicing under the cover of trees would be a good bet. Plus it feels cool to be in the heart of nature like that and practicing. Bonus, you can use the trees to find stability in balancing postures and falling out of inversions doesn’t hurt as badly on grass.

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The beach or by a body of water

Obviously practicing yoga at the beach, any beach is going to feel amazing. It’ll challenge your stabilizer muscles more. It’ll give you a tougher workout, but it will feel so amazing. It’s a very safe place to practice all sorts of things…especially on the dry sand.

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