Mental Health Monday

Spring Clean Your Brain

It’s getting pretty stinkin’ close to summer, but there’s still time to spring clean our brains. At least here, in Chicago, it’s finally starting to warm up, brighten up, and feel like spring/summer. It’s been way too cold, cloudy, and rainy to feel like a real spring. We may have even skipped it altogether however let’s get into spring cleaning our brain.

I think that after winter, we’re suddenly faced with a lot of goals. We want to workout, eat better, work in the garden, go to dinners, hike, etc but there’s still so much left in our head.

So first things first, let’s clean out our head.

What’s left over from winter?

Any old projects that need to be wrapped up? Any obligations from winter that still need to be attended to? How about bad habits? Not managing stress, not exercising, not sleeping enough. You know all the bad things.

Now is the time to address them.

Sit down and take a look at what you needed done but haven’t finished or gotten around to. Those will be on the top of your list. Then, write out some goals.

They don’t have to be impressive. In fact, they shouldn’t be impressive. All they need to be is something you think you can reach for and grab with some hard effort involved. Good goals are things that involve mental health and physical health. Set some goals for your diet. Set some goals for your sleep and stress management. Set some goals for your fitness journey. Make sure you have both small goals and bigger ones.

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Readjust your schedule

Let’s make some room for new stuff. What’s working out for you? What do you really like that you’re doing and what could be tweaked? Or maybe, what could be removed?

Spring is a good time to do this because we are actually in the mood to start things over and try new things. We generally don’t have the same level of motivation in the winter that we do in spring and summer so it’s a great time to start solidifying some healthy habits.

As we come into spring and feel like we want to try new things, live life a little bit more fully. So this is the absolute perfect time to pick up new habits and readjust our schedules. Maybe now is a good time to watch less TV, go out less. Maybe we want to pick up a gym class or something like that.

Strive for happiness

This advice in this piece is just to get you going, to inspire you to make some changes. But the biggest change you can make for yourself this spring is to dust off the happiness on the shelf. Bring back living in the present moment, being happy. Remember that it’s not a bad day, just a bad moment, morning/afternoon/evening. The day itself can always turn itself around. Remember that we have a choice every minute of every day to be happy.

We don’t have to be miserable so


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