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What’s In My Gym Bag?

A lot. There’s a lot in there. But that aside, nothing in this article is sponsored or anything fancy like that (I wish). Just some stuff I’ve found works for me! It’s a hodgepodge collection of stuff but everything I use on a nearly daily basis. Everything is linked.

To start off with, what do I do at the gym? I occasionally run but when I do, it’s hills. So I don’t generally have my most favorite thing in the world body glide with me. I put it on ahead of time. So unfortunately, that doesn’t make it into the bag. I lift weights and I swim.

Let’s get into it.

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Saucony Cohesion 11

I have wide-ish feet so finding a shoe that is comfortable can be a bit of a challenge. I absolutely love these shoes. They last so long and they are so comfortable. I don’t get a lot of feedback from them and responsiveness when I ran in them (I ran a lot in them) but they fit my feet so well, they are so comfortable, and they are such an amazing shoe.

I would absolutely recommend these to anyone. I love my running shoes, but these shoes have a special spot in my heart. They are perfect for giving me stability during weightlifting and they double as a solid running shoe for hills. I cannot praise these shoes enough. They really are the jack of all trades shoe.

Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Deodorant

This stuff is amazing. I do a lot of activity and I sweat so much. Nothing keeps me feeling (and smelling) as fresh as this stuff. Even better, there’s nothing bad in it. It’s vegan and cruelty free. No aluminium, no parabens, blah blah. Check out the link which has a much better description than me.

You can get these pretty much anywhere. Trader Joe’s. Target. Jewel Osco. Walmart. It’s very widely available, which I appreciate. And…it smells great without being overwhelming.


Sounds kinda simple right? Well, I happen to love Carmex. And after the pool, my lips need some hydrating. Whether you’re a chapstick person or a Carmex person, don’t forget to put your lip balm into your gym bag. I promise you’ll regret it.

I mean, why would you want to walk around with dry lips for the rest of the day?\


No link here because I bounce between a lot of different lotions. The most important thing I look for is one that isn’t tested on animals, has no bad gunk in it, and is cruelty free. And oftentimes, if applicable, sustainable.

Photo by Alturas Homes on

Alba Botanica Hawaiin 3-in-1 clean towlettes

That’s a long name, I know. But I’ve searched high and low for a face wipe that isn’t greasy, is clean, is for sensitive skin, is natural/sustainable/etc, and good for everyone involved. The kicker here is that I didn’t even find these. My husband did!

These are amazing. They smell great. They work great. They feel great. They’re vegetarian. And they’re rainforest alliance certified. Which are all very important things. They’re also completely natural. They tick all the boxes. AND they smell amazing which is a bonus.

I’ve been using these for a little while and they really do a great job of cleaning off your skin after a workout or between workouts. I generally do two ish workouts a day several hours apart because of scheduling. All this means is that I can’t be washing my face a million times a day so these are true life savers.

Altec Lansing Sport Earbuds

This is a very, very, very important one because a workout without music is really sad. And tough if you’re doing it in a gym. I’ve had rotten luck with headphones in the past, but I really like these. They’re a little long in the back, but they hold a charge well, they don’t bounce around, and for the price point they give pretty good audio. Best yet, I really can’t hear anything outside of them.

Adidas Adizero Hat

I am a huge fan of working out with a hat on. I have short hair and I tend to love being outside so hats are where it’s at for me. Most hats don’t stand up to any kind of washing, which is rough because if you’re working out, you’re sweating. This hat though stands up to washing quite well. Better than that, it keeps your head cool and lets the sweat out.

Photo by Scott Webb on

Aquazone Goggles

I love swimming at the gym. I tend to do a lot that beats on my body so swimming feels great. I really like these goggles. I’m a touch picky but not picky enough to spend a ton of money on goggles since I’m not a pro or anything. That being said, these are amazing. They don’t fog up. They fit really well. And they keep water out. I’d recommend them to anyone I know!

Canway Gym Bag

This is the last bit I’ll share with you and probably the most important since it does carry everything else on this list. I’ve had a bunch of gym bags over the years and this one takes the cake. It has so many cool features that I use and lots and lots of pockets.

It has a pocket especially for wet things, like a suit. There is a soft cloth pocket that is for things like rings, watches, or maybe even your phone. It has a few pockets on the inside for things like deodorant and hair ties. Then there are two outer pockets that zip closed. I like to keep my wipes in there. Finally, there’s a mesh pocket on one end and then a zipped up section for shoes on the other.

This bag is amazing. It’s cute. It is solid and made well. And it fits perfectly in the gym lockers.

The Rest

So, there’s some other stuff but to me, it’s all personal choice. I have some gym clothes, a swimsuit, socks, and hair ties. But those are all personal choice so I’ll just say this. Wear whatever makes you comfortable to the gym. You’re there for you so don’t worry about your appearance. Just focus on what feels good to exercise in and if it wicks away sweat.

What matters when you start out is that you’re going. You need some clothes, good shoes, and a good attitude. The rest is just extra. As you continue your workout journey, you’ll spend more time in the gym and you’ll find some stuff that you can’t live without. Like face wipes. It’s all about what keeps you clean, happy, and strong.

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