10 Fun Writing Prompts

Hello, hello! Last week was a post about running and today’s post is going to be a quick one but a blast. Sometimes our writing gets stale. Maybe we’re a horror writer, a fantasy writer, a romance writer, or any other kind of writer and we just need something to mix stuff up. Try something new, write something you haven’t written before.

Or maybe it’s not about trying something new for fun. Maybe you have been feeling awful about your work lately. I’ve gone through phases where, for whatever reason, I can’t seem to come up with any good ideas. And when I do come up with an idea, I can’t write it very well.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some fun writing prompts plus a little extra.

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You’re at a carnival and a clown comes up to you, sobbing. Makeup is everywhere, all smudged down his/her face. He looks you dead in the eyes and asks, “Will you listen to my story?”

Well, will you? Do you listen to his story or is there something about this clown that tips you off to believe he’s done something terrible? What else do you see about this clown? Is it a man or woman? Pregnant, deadly skinny, or just normal? Does the clown smell, good or bad?

Let’s say you decided to listen to the clown, is it a good story? Is that your focus? Or are you more focused about how you feel? Are you uncomfortable, sad, annoyed? Is this clown a touchy clown or does he/she give you plenty of space?

Oh! And don’t forget this: who’s watching your conversation? Children? Parents? Or a group of angry looking clowns?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You’re in a cellar when you trip and smack your head on the concrete. It only hurts a little but you’re dizzy. Suddenly you hear whimpering and swear that you see a shadow move.

Well, whose basement are you in? Is it a basement or a tornado style cellar? Fully underground or maybe not quite?

Now, are you crazy? Was this noise around before you fell or is it your head injury/ Is your head even injured that badly? What signs do you have? Blood? A lump? Nausea and vertigo? What’s in the cellar and how does your fall alter that reality? Does the dizziness make the basement look weird or seem more dangerous than it is?

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

You are visiting your grandmother’s grave when you heard hysterical laughter and uncontrollable wailing. You turn to your right to see twin men at a grave, one laughing and one crying.

What do you do? Do you state? Do you investigate? Do you immediately fall in love with one and come to hate the other? How are you feeling about the men? What do they stir inside of you? Better yet, do you lust the one you hate but love the one you feel pity for?

Where does this take you? Do you state for awhile and leave or do you take note of their license plate, approach them, or even follow them for awhile? Who are you becoming because of them?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At your favorite restaurant, while dining by yourself, a woman walks in dressed half in a dress and half in a suit. On one arm a large, cut is clearly beginning to heal and on the other hand a strange rash is seen. She comes and sits beside you saying, “You don’t know me. Do you?”
Answer her question. If you don’t know her, why would she ask this question? Do you ask? Surely you ask her something. Does it alarm her? How does she react to your questions? Does she willing give her name or does she hide it from you? You are at a restaurant, do you buy her anything? If so, does she accept?

What about her scares you? What makes you sympathize with her? Now, are you permanently involved with her or can you easily walk away from this situation? What’s going on?

It’s the Victorian Era, you’re the Queen/King of your country. One morning after two days of excruciating pain, you notice you’ve urinated purple urine. You are dying from Porphyria, a blood disease due to inbreeding in the royal bloodline. Detail your descent into madness brought on by agony.

This one might require some research, but there will be digestive issues, extreme agony, and you will begin to be viewed as insane by the people of the day. How do you feel about the royal lineage now? Do you curse your ancestors or wonder if they know? Of course you have children, what do you do about them? Do you warn them? Kill them?

How does the pain impact you? What does the doctor do to try and heal you or does he/she try at all? If you were to look in a mirror, what would you see staring back at you?

Now for the quickies. So the ones before were a little bit more involved, maybe something you could write a short story on or maybe even longer. They have some oomph. Something you can really sink your teeth into. But maybe you’re just trying to practice flash fiction. Something quick. Something small. Something for a little warm up.

Let’s look at that. No helper questions this time.

  • There’s a worm that’s been dropped onto your shaved head and all you can do, is fall down and cry.
  • Your mother called, she’s been in a terrible accident and these are her last words: “Don’t do it. Don’t go looking.”
  • You’ve woken up from a terrible nightmare to find yourself covered in oozing wounds.
  • A cyclist crashed into you, a runner on the trail. You fell in love at first sight and today you’re running a triathlon together.
  • A man drives by an abandoned home across from you every night at nine and honks six times but tonight, drove his car straight into the front porch.

Now, how about that? Does that tickle your fancy?

I really hope that these prompts are as fun for you as they were for me because yes, of course I had to write stories around them to make sure they were actually fun. But more than that, I hope that if you are really struggling with inspiration, creativity, or just the motivation to write something, anything that these prompts help you out


4 thoughts on “10 Fun Writing Prompts”

  1. Hi Natalie! I just wanted to say I was just trying to think of a couple new ideas to practice writing short stories and I love most of these of prompts. Thank you for sharing them and I do plan on using at least three of these prompts. What do you think about me including short stories in my blog? Do people actually do this? I am new to this blogging journey (super new) and I am still trying to figure out what to share and what not to share. Any advice or comments on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all about writing what you love and what drives you. If you write anything else, your readers will know.

      As to using the prompts, feel free but do properly credit me with a link back to my page as well as my name since the ideas are kind of intellectual property. Whatever you do, make sure you credit anyone and everything you use.

      If they are very short stories, your audience will be with you. The longer they go, especially without being broken up by pictures, the more readers you will lose because of attention spans and digital formatting and how we digest it. Just something to keep in mind!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and advice Nathalie! I have not used any of your prompts. I decided to just share parts of my story that I have been working on. Thank you for your permission and if I do use any I will certainly give you proper credit for the prompt because I definitlely understand how important that is. Actually, that is what has held me back from sharing what I write or starting a blog for years. I realize that having all of my notebooks in boxes is not doing me any good either. It is just that I have always had a huge fear of someone stealing what I share on the internet. Thanks again for all your tips. I will keep them in mind on this blogging journey.


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