Mental Health Monday

Panicking About Time? Read This.

This isn’t going to add an hour or two to your day. You aren’t going to magically have more time to do something you thought you wouldn’t get to. And you won’t be more productive.

What this is going to be is 10 things you need to do if you are panicking about time.

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You won’t be able to safely finish everything.

If you’re already panicking about time, odds are, you know that you aren’t going to finish everything. While that might make you feel awful and try to rush, stop. Take a quick, honest look at everything and figure out what will have to go. If you’re pushing like crazy, you will be over stressed, you might not eat, and you might not sleep. That means you’re doing something unsafe.

Sleep cannot be pushed aside.

On the note of sleep, stop acting like it can be pushed aside because it cannot. Sleep is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Without consistent, healthy sleep than you are putting yourself at risk for so many different issues. So, don’t push sleep to the side.

Rushing makes everything worse.

If you’re rushing, you aren’t actually hurrying everything up. Instead, you’re just running in circles trying to get to the next task. It might make you feel better about everything but all you’re doing is creating more chaos and panic. Take a moment, breathe, and then slowly continue in a logical path.

Reschedule your schedule.

If you find yourself constantly having crazy busy day after crazy busy day, there’s a problem. Everyone has a bad day where we’re late to everything and nothing seems to work right but if it’s a constant, daily struggle then something’s up. Re-evaluate your schedule and work out the kinks.

Help yourself out where you can.

That doesn’t mean eat fast food. It means meal prep. Get snacks and food ready for the week or just the next day. Set your clothes out the night before. Organize your keys, wallet, gym bag, purse, whatever the night before. Help yourself out.

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Don’t snooze.

Don’t snooze. If you’re the kind of person that just has a jam-packed schedule every day, snoozing for an hour means you’re waking up late. Which means you’re waking up ready to start panicking. Do yourself a favor, get to bed on time, and wake up when you set the alarm.

Take time to relax.

So while you shouldn’t be snoozing, you should have one or two days a week where you don’t wake up to alarm. You should have time when you sit and chill. Relax. A day. A couple afternoons a week. You need valuable time to rest and recovery physically and mentally.

Get a watch.

Constantly checking clocks on walls, phones, computers, etc is not ideal. Trust me, if you have a watch that is reliable, comfortable, and isn’t a throw-away. Having something on your person that you can trust to keep track of you and your time is a valuable investment.

Accept your results.

You know, sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t win. You can’t finish everything. You can’t be happy with how your day may have turned out. You may have even needed to do something different all day and accomplished virtually nothing. At the end of the day, you have to just accept the results.

Find a better way.

Finally, if you are continuing to fail day in and day out, you have to figure something else out. Go to bed later or wake up earlier. Take something out of your day. Re-evaluate your schedule. Trying to do the same thing over and over and failing doesn’t mean that you’ll get it right one of these days. It means that you need to redo your plan of attack.

As promised, I’m not taking up much of your time. Be smart about how you plan things out, give yourself ample time to rest,

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