Mental Health Monday

Making A Mistake

Even the best decisions can end up not quite how you want or thought. You can come into something whole-heartedly, weigh the pros and the cons, and walk away relieved. There’s a problem though:

If you haven’t addressed the issue, that solution won’t work.

You can cut all your arms and legs off, lock yourself in a room, and build a fence around your body but I promise that the unsolved problem will still find you. And there’s a bigger problem, too.

Do you think you’ll be happy? Do you think you’ll be able to mature, grow, move on with anything? Do you think that you can be the best version of yourself by hiding?

I know that the answer for me is no.

And I know that I’ve made mistakes in the past because of it. This is a personal blog, right? To say I left for professional reasons wouldn’t be honest.

Coming back, I want this to be a different site. A different place. It’s going to be more writing and exercise focused. Less self-help oriented, but there’s room for that too. I won’t have a schedule, because I’ll have a job and I’ll need to balance my life.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

I’ve aged incredibly in the last year. I’ve lost a grandmother, a dog, and the very last of my childhood self but with those losses comes something I cannot deny any longer: my freedom to be an individual.

It’s been an incredibly trying year.

As I mentioned earlier though, or eluded to, one big problem I swept under the rug by saying goodbye to good ol’ bug.

Is that fair? To me?

No. And it isn’t fair to you. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve let something go, abandoned it, or thrown it away for good reasons come back to it. Revisit it. You might be surprised at what you find.

I’m no therapist, but I have an awful lot to say about a lot of things and I live in a country, in a world where that’s possible for me. But I don’t want it to be ruined. I gave up something I genuinely enjoyed doing for a dumb reason.

And I’m so glad I did. BOY did I need that break.

Now that I’ve returned, I have to address the issue in my own life that is holding me back. I have to learn that I’m an individual and that means that I get to decide my life. I get to be happy in it. I deserve that.

You do too.

There are so many decisions we make, big and small, but some of them are not the right ones. It’s not a “mistake” really. Just something that ought to be corrected if we can.

So, I’m encouraging you to see if you’re happy. See what problems you’ve stuffed into your closets. You might be surprised to see what you find.

3 thoughts on “Making A Mistake”

  1. Buzz!! Welcome back! Maybe in our losses we gain something too. Something we wouldn’t have had. They become part of the fabric of our being. How we chose to use and honor that is up to us. I’m cleaning my closets too and I see a liitle spot of light in the back corner. I think it’s the Happy… I’ve missed you. 😊

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