Heyo little buggies!

Yep, that’s me. Determined, scary, and wielding a wooden sword. People can be pretty nasty, especially when it comes to pursuing dreams of the heart and yearnings of the soul and I’m not one to let them stand in my way. Positive inspiration and affirmation allow us to keep trucking through the sludge of negative words and vibes. I hope you find some sanity (or better yet, insanity) here with me on my journey through the sludge of nitpicking naysayers to published freedom.

I’m your atypical 23-year-old horror writer, hoping and dreaming to see my name on the shelves. Coffee and books over parties and socialization, thank you very much. I’m a writer. Except it’s not a hobby, no isn’t an answer I’ll take, and I would climb Mount Everest to make it happen (might do that anyway). Half of my head floats in the clouds of tomorrow and the other half is slapping me around to keep me motivated. It’s a limbo I’ve come to love.

An avid exerciser, I’ve recovered from my fair share of injuries and obstacles (the most current being a dislocated elbow). While I learned the hard way, I did learn that patience and a smile can change everything. They cannot change (unfortunately) the volume of voices saying “you can’t”, and that includes your own personal naysayer. Those will always be there, buzzing around like a bug in your ear. A bee cannot always fly; eventually, he’ll tire and need to rest. Poems and novels included, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people quiet the bug in their ears.

You can also check me out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunatic_writer/
(it’s a little bit gloomier, but important stuff is there too!)