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I’m All Right: Fighting Stereotypes

I am all right...despite what my words might say or hint at.


My Relationship is Fine: Writer Problems

What's my number one problem when people find out I'm an author? They think everything comes from a place of truth, reality. As a splatterpunk horror writer, this should terrify people. Naturally though, people tend to realize I'm not digging up graves and fighting off sex-driven monsters of the beyond. So why, when I write about… Continue reading My Relationship is Fine: Writer Problems

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Forgive, But Don’t Forget

Whoops. Controversial statement over here. There's a reason for it, I swear. Let's think. How often have you heard the term forgive and forget? How many times have you yourself thought it? How many times have you tried to forgive and forget? How many of those times were successful? We are instructed by habits and age-old advice to… Continue reading Forgive, But Don’t Forget