Easy Yoga Routine Modifications

Blog post one Easy yoga modifications All right. So yoga is for everyone. Anyone can do it! Especially that super bendy ninety year old. And that crazy in shape lady who has had six kids and still looks younger than you. And that vegan who seems to float. But yoga is for everyone. Right? Yeah… Continue reading Easy Yoga Routine Modifications


Maintaining A Yoga Schedule

It isn't always easy. Well, I guess that implies that it is most of the time easy...which it isn't. Showing up to any workout or meal (that isn't trash) is hard. It takes willpower, dedication, and all that jazz. And none of that screams "easy". Carving out time to do yoga isn't the hardest part.… Continue reading Maintaining A Yoga Schedule


Find A Challenge in Basics

Once we progress past the basics, we seem to believe that we're done with them. I've seen this countless times in various areas of my own life. Writing, Aikido, yoga, running, etc. We assume that because we have dealt with the basics and understand them that we are finished learning from them. We assume that we cannot squeeze any… Continue reading Find A Challenge in Basics