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“I Can’t Workout”

Okay, so we've covered similar threads on this before, right? Right. But this one is going to be pain specific...meaning I'm going to be talking about physical pain, injury, and teaching yourself how to stop. So, why would we ever want to stop working out? I mean, we go through a lot of hassle to get… Continue reading “I Can’t Workout”


Push Through Pain?

You feel a twinge, maybe a burn. You want to stop but no pain, no gain. Right? Ehh...not so much. When we are working out do we push through the pain? Or do we completely stop? For today, we are going to be specifically talking about yoga today since it is, after all, a Wednesday.… Continue reading Push Through Pain?

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Don’t Stop Running

It's easier to keep going than it is to stop and start again. The next time you're on your run and thinking about walking for just one second think about that. Think of yourself as a train. It takes forever to get going once you stop. Why is this though? I start with running and exercise is… Continue reading Don’t Stop Running