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Appreciate Your Mornings

Mornings are beautiful. Mornings are gorgeous. Mornings are divine. Not enough people think so though. It's part of our society to bash mornings because those initial moments aren't comfortable. It's hard to wake up. It's hard to see the beauty of the morning. When your head is hunched over your coffee, when you're squinting in the sun on… Continue reading Appreciate Your Mornings


Morning Yoga Practice

You know what's fun? Starting the day with loads of energy. And for me, it used to never, ever happen. If you follow this blog you might remember that I said I used to never be a morning person but that it changed. Part of what helped me transition to enjoying the early sunlight was morning yoga.… Continue reading Morning Yoga Practice

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Morning People

I'm a morning person (never, ever, ever thought I would say that). This is coming from the author who stayed up all night until sunrise. Multiple times. Night was my habitat. Until I realized, I was lying to myself. And a year later, I accepted that yes, I was a morning person. The change started in winter. WHAT?… Continue reading Morning People