Mental Health Monday, Motivation

Wake Up

To your life, to your decisions, to your attitudes. Wake up. Do you think that you have endless time to be miserable? To putz around doing nothing at all? Do you think that you have time let goal after goal slip away? Do you think you can get away with putting no effort into your… Continue reading Wake Up


Power Yoga And Confidence

Confidence is hard to come by and if you have it, people try to take it away. Being confident is not the same as being arrogant no matter what someone else might try to tell you. It's okay to feel strong, powerful, and confident in yourself and your body's abilities. Dealing with negative comments though… Continue reading Power Yoga And Confidence

Mental Health Monday

When Life Deals You A Bad Hand

Well, first of all, deal with it. Boy does that sound awful. But really, the first thing you have to do is deal with it. Dealing with it means a couple things and it's easier when you know what those things are. Otherwise, you won't know you're doing them. You won't know they're holding you… Continue reading When Life Deals You A Bad Hand