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Poetry and Depression

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, "You write so dark!" followed by uncomfortable lectures I would really be rich.

Mental Health Monday, Yoga

Appreciate Your Mornings

Mornings are beautiful. Mornings are gorgeous. Mornings are divine. Not enough people think so though. It's part of our society to bash mornings because those initial moments aren't comfortable. It's hard to wake up. It's hard to see the beauty of the morning. When your head is hunched over your coffee, when you're squinting in the sun on… Continue reading Appreciate Your Mornings

Mental Health Monday

Choosing to See Sun

It's another overcast day. Shocking! The last few weeks...okay months here in Chicago have been remarkably cloudy and not your cotton balls in the sky kinda cloud. More like a layer of slimy riverbed has been chucked into the air. Some days you're lucky if there's a difference between night and day. Okay, a little… Continue reading Choosing to See Sun

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The Work Hangover: Working Through Fatigue

"But I did so much yesterday. Why do I have to do it again today?" Undoubtedly, we have all been at this point. I am currently at this point. I painted a room last night, didn't sleep well, and it's not done, and I have work to do today, and I have to paint it again tomorrow.… Continue reading The Work Hangover: Working Through Fatigue