Hoarding Work As A Writer

Hey! On Monday we just talked about de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff that you really don't actually need. And guess what? That applies double to you writers out there. This may be a little different for those of you who write your stories and ideas on computers first. I write all of my work… Continue reading Hoarding Work As A Writer


10 Fun Writing Prompts

Hello, hello! Last week was a post about running and today’s post is going to be a quick one but a blast. Sometimes our writing gets stale. Maybe we’re a horror writer, a fantasy writer, a romance writer, or any other kind of writer and we just need something to mix stuff up. Try something… Continue reading 10 Fun Writing Prompts

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Why Do I Write?

This week's blog will look at my writing but not the actual words. We'll be looking at the reasons why I write. If I'm being honest, there are too many for me to actually cover. However, if I'm really honest about what keeps me coming back to a blank page (or even one with a few squiggles… Continue reading Why Do I Write?